About Me

My name is Sheneka Edwards and I am a senior at New York City College of Technology in the Human Service major.

When I graduate I intended to work with homeless/ foster care youth ages (birth to twenty-one). I choose this population because of my passion for children and the betterment of their lives. I also became fascinate with this population because of my career path I have always had a job dealing with the care of children. I am very pleased that my internship is giving me in site and experience with this population. I am interning with a drop in center for homeless youth ages twelve to twenty-four.

Homeless youth have many major problems that they are facing. One issue homeless children face is the lack of stability according to the National Homeless Organization. The National Homeless Organization states homeless families move due to limitation on occupancy time at shelters, search for inexpensive housing, lack of employment, or fleeing from abusive situations. Children and Youth in shelters frequently transfer school’s multiple times in a single year because of these conditions the issues listed above (2009).

My personal Hobbies include cooking and hanging out with family.