ENG 1121 D442 Fall 2022

New vistas await

Office Hours This Week — and No Class Next Week

A reminder that I have extended Office Hours this week: Today (Thursday) from 12–2PM, and tomorrow (Friday) from 11AM–12PM.

As we discussed during class yesterday, there is NO CLASS on Monday, Dec 12.

Yesterday was our last, in-person class. (P.S. Everyone who asked for an extension until Dec 12 on their Final Portfolio received one.)

I will be available to you Online for questions or help. I wish you good luck with your other classes and exams.

Emoji Poem

(Excitement Emoji) (Woman’s hat) (Tramway) (Men’s restroom symbol) (Number 1) (Clock) (Hospital) (Orange) (Open hand) (Cactus) (Bread) (Desert Island) (Octopus)

In the summer, people’s laughter and enjoyment can be heard on the beach as they bask in the sun’s gleaming rays.

Others find it to be they’re place of peace, using the shade of hats or umbrellas to drift away into a quiet slumber.

But too some that may not be they’re forte, preferring the vistas seen while riding a tramway.

Regardless of the occasion, a single person’s desires can be shattered once duty calls, thus becoming a number 1 priority.

As is the way of things, life forever moves forward with time as it’s only friend.

Regardless of the circumstance, the birth of a newborn in a hospital or the sprouting of a new orange tree, life forever moves forward.

Though as unwavering the stride of life may be, one must hold onto life in one hand with a firm grip, being focused on navigating successfully through this cactus of a world, and the other hand open to the different opportunities and joys such world has to offer.

In the end, this world is like a regenerating loaf of bread situated on an even changing desert Island called “life”, and we are like octopuses, even clinging onto life while simultaneously grabbing slices of this world for us to enjoy.






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