ENG 1121 D431 Fall 2022

Creating Reality Every Day

My Topic

Video games are being played all over the world. Although it may be fun to play video games, parents should be concerned about how violent video games are effecting their kids. For my topic I was thinking about writing about how violent video games have an effect on kids. Playing violent video games puts your child at risk of turning into an aggressive person and changing their behavior making them more violent. This is also connected to bullying. So I thought this would be an interesting topic to do research on

Reminder: You need to talk to us for one minute about your Opinion project

..on Wednesday. Yes, Nov 2’s class will have us looking at you for a whole 60 seconds. Hey, you can even take over the AV lectern and show us visuals if you like.

You talk; we listen. So please be prepared to share your project at any stage it is in Right NOW. (Chances are, we will *snap*.)

Also: I would like to see everyone weighing in here via post and comment on OpenLab, as I requested last week.

See you soon.

(doesn’t have to be as formal as this…but hey, he is trying)

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