ENG 1121 D431 Fall 2022

Creating Reality Every Day

Office Hours This Week and Class (no class!) Next Week

A reminder that I have extended Office Hours this week: Today (Thursday) from 12–2PM, and tomorrow (Friday) from 11AM–12PM.

As we discussed during class yesterday, there is NO CLASS on Monday, Dec 12.

Yesterday was our last, in-person class. (P.S. Everyone who asked for an extension until Dec 12 on their Final Portfolio received one.)

I will be available to you Online for questions or help. I wish you good luck with your other classes and exams. I will write to you again soon.

Yay, us! It was great to have you as my students. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

Emoji Story

A person on the monorail is wearing a straw hat and laughing at the one man standing under the men’s sign

Late getting to the hospital but also remembering you forgot your orange for lunch

Intrusive thoughts make you grab the cactus

Stranded on an island with only bread and surrounded by hungry octopi

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