ENG1121D415 Spring 2023

Reading, Questioning, Re-Telling -- on the path to Truth

Works Cited? no problem! Here is a format template for you…

As promised, I have some more resources to help you. Here: I created a template for you with correct spacing, margins, etc, of what an MLA Format Works Cited page look like. You can just replace it with your own words. You’re Welcome! : -)))

So, if you click on this link, you will get a download in WORD: Example of an Annotated Works Cited page to help with UNIT 2

And, if you prefer GoogleDocs, here is a link. (<<Just know that if you modify this right away, someone else will get your edits, so please do the courtesy of copying a fresh document for yourself, first. Thanks.)

^^BTW: If you properly headed your paper in MLA style on the first page (like I circle here), you don’t have to re-copy it on the Works Cited section. I just put it in this template so that you would see how it looks. : – )

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