Grading Rubric for this Course as a Whole:

Class Participation (This includes: all written journal entries; meaningful contribution to formal Conversation circle time – both presenting and commenting on the presentations of others; short, handwritten take-home assignments; completing and discussing all assigned readings; meaningful and PROACTIVE contribution to class in general; attendance without tardiness.): 20%

A UNIT of THREE SHORT ESSAYS, worth a total of 30%, broken down as follows*:

500-word short essay #1: 10%

500-word short essay # 2: 10%

500-word short essay/presentation #3: 10%

Midterm Exam (completed in class in essay form): 15%

Final Research Project (2,000 words): 20% — Note: a First Draft of this paper must be submitted and reviewed by Instructor at least 10 days prior to submission of Final Paper for grade. You will not be given a grade without an acceptable and timely first draft submission.

Final Exam: 15%

Support: Please do not hesitate to speak with me during my office hours. Office hour attendance  is one of the most direct and effective ways to improve your work, seek advice, and alert me to any issues, concerns, or questions. There are many other avenues of support at City Tech, including your Learning Community peer mentor, the College Learning Center, the Academic Advisement Center, and the Counseling Service Center. Students with special needs should consult with the Student Support Services Program for documentation and support (IEP, et al), and should speak with me privately to coordinate appropriate accommodations.


Printing policy and lateness policy:

I require that all formal papers for class (see above rubric) be printed on paper — not double sided.  (I am not referring to your overnight or in-class notebook writing here!!) I do not accept electronic submission of papers unless otherwise noted.

I will grant extensions with good cause, but: you must give me this request in writing (be brief and to the point!) and hand it in to me before the due date to be considered for an extension that will not lower your grade.  If accepted, I will allow you one such extension each semester.  Please be sure your name and section number is on your request. Handwritten requests are fine. : )



Q: “I got my paper back from you — can you help me understand the written comments?”

A:  My comments will vary depending on your needs, but: Here are just a few of the most common issues that make their way into my written comments. Please familiarize yourself with them. You will see that often I will circle them in the body of the paper and abbreviate them in the margins:

R.O. == Run On Sentences

Frag == Sentence Fragments

Comma == Your general use of commas; comma splices

Awk == Awkward phrases or word usage

W.C. == Word Choice (you chose the wrong word)

Punct == Punctuation

Redundancies == Using the same word or words over and over

S/V == Subject/Verb Agreement

Art == Article Usage (a/an; the)

Possessives == ‘s


Q: “I’m seeing 1-3 stars on my notebooks/journals when you hand them back. What do they mean?”

A: “These are a Check Minus/Check/Check Plus system, and I use them to evaluate the work that you do for Class that is not given a letter grade. I take these low-stakes assignments into consideration when I assign your Class Participation Grade at the end of the semester.

Grading for Specific Assignments: the Four-Part Breakdown

This rubric pertains to some of our papers. You may see it in an attached page, as follows:

NC — Narrative & Creative Content

S&D — Structure & Development

M&G — Mechanics & Grammar

IF — Instructions Fulfilled

“Instructions Fulfilled” includes length of paper assignment, format (font size, layout, et al), as well as following the guidelines for the assignment itself. In other words: “did you follow instructions?”

Note: If your M&G grade falls very low, you will be directed to on-campus tutoring/help (in Room AG-27) that will get you back on track to bring up your skills. If you see the Tutor, you can receive class participation credit for doing so. Please show the instructor your signed, Tutoring Center sheet.