Researching the Truth Hiding in Plain Sight

Life is Change… Death is Stasis

Imagine time, an element in which have limited leadership and stability with, ticking and ticking as every single minute passes. Panning back a bit, start imagining a wristwatch, its hands creating a mirage as if it became self-aware that it must travel in a circle, unless it decides that it’s character is a guide than a wanderer. The arm the watch is perched beside is like a teacher, wishing it safe travels as it circumnavigates its axis. But all the watch thinks is if the idea of travelling is truly his. Maybe it is, but perhaps the arm, as it turns the wheel that makes the watch’s hands travel afar, is the true cause of the watch’s existence. This is life in a nutshell: a watch that exists despite it’s lack of sense in itself, and a hand that guides the watch as did a puppet is guided by strings and an audience. Life can change like day and night, as it is infinitely adding. But when there is change… there must be stagnance.

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  1. Travis Caraballo

    This is giving me an existential crisis lol

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