ENG 1101 D176 Fall 2023

Honesty and Curiosity | Excitement and Discovery

No in-person class Tuesday; attendance credit

Hi Class,

It has been a pleasure having you as students. I will miss our “Mornings” as well as a lot of other activities in class that allowed me to hear your words and learn about you.

We have no “final exam” in this class, and I am not going to make you come in to school Tuesday (Dec 19). I do, however, have to enter some sort of attendance record for the day, so if you want to get credit for attendance for Tuesday, Dec 19, just “comment” on this post and briefly answer any one of the following three questions: What is a favorite line you remember from one of the readings you were assigned by Miss Helen Keller?  What is a moment that stood out to you in the “morning readings”? What is a favorite memory you have of our class from this last semester?

Pro-Tip for “commenting in OpenLab”: just click on the “# COMMENTS” area next to my name, below the title of this post.

You have to be logged in to OpenLab to comment. If you have any trouble, then just email me your short response.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.

“An illustration of Helen Keller’s letter to John Finley about her visit to the Empire State Building, showing her perspective and imagination of the city and the sky, without Helen Keller herself, in color, and with a modern style.” prompt. Microsoft Bing Image Creator, Image Creator from Microsoft Designer, 26 Nov. 2023, https://www.bing.com/images/create/an-illustration-of-helen-keller27s-letter-to-john-f/1-65639197ae3149f8b6535c09aace564c?id=peLs3hfa8cLuW8YdRLnOoQ%3d%3d&view=detailv2&idpp=genimg&FORM=GCRIDP&mode=overlay

“students in a college english class sitting in a circle talking about what they did that morning with early morning light and vivid and pleasing colors” prompt. Microsoft Bing Image Creator, Image Creator from Microsoft Designer, 22 Nov., 2023.

“an athletic looking basketball player slam dunking while reading a book on Helen Keller, psychedelic background” prompt. Microsoft Bing Image Creator, Image Creator from Microsoft Designer, 17 Dec., 2023. https://www.bing.com/images/create/an-athletic-looking-basketball-player-slam-dunking/1-657f57a0e1c44a4f9ae5753ec628d65b?id=cu8RybIMShcgBLN35i4WJg%3d%3d&view=detailv2&idpp=genimg&FORM=GCRIDP&mode=overlay

Tomorrow exhibit across the street

Hi Class, tomorrow is our field trip across the street to see the new “Americans and the Holocaust” Library exhibit. We can meet in the classroom at 10 and then walk across street to the Academic Building (285 Jay St.) where the Librarian will meet us at 10:30AM.

This activity is extra credit (2 points).


Class schedule next week (WEEK 16)

Hi Class,

Tuesday: Tuesday Dec 12 is considered a “Reading Day” by the college. Turns out that means that we don’t have class.

Thursday: On Thursday, Dec 14, we will have a short-distance “field trip” across the street to the Academic Building to view the new Library traveling exhibit “Americans and The Holocaust” which is installed there, on the first floor. You can earn up to two points extra credit for completing a short work activity inside the exhibit. We will meet in our classroom first, talk, and then go across the street.

Looking ahead: The following week (WEEK 17) is the end of Finals Week. I will discuss with you on Thursday whether we decide to meet in person or have activities on Zoom. You can also reach out to me and let me know your preferences.

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