I believe that a person’s identity is formed by their smile. A person’s smile is the first thing others notice about them, and it can either boost their morale or make them feel insecure. I recall learning about the oral cavity in middle school and how necessary it is to brush your teeth on a regular basis. My health teacher demonstrated the effects of not brushing your teeth and how a poor diet has a direct effect on your teeth. From then on, I made it a habit to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. As the oldest in my family, I felt obligated to lead by example, which I did. I was able to persuade my family to brush their teeth twice a day and visit the dental office at least once a year. People always ask me what I use and how I keep my teeth so clean, and I always tell them that brushing twice a day is the key.


The Dental Hygiene program has not only aided me in improving my oral hygiene, but it has also aided me in reaching out to others. I had no idea how necessary flossing was before I started this program, and I haven’t missed a day since. I was able to educate and improve the oral hygiene practices of my patients. Many of my patients’ healing processes have been visible to me, and that has made me feel better. The aspect that excites me the most is when patients claim they can see and feel a difference and are more optimistic. As a dental hygienist, I want to educate more patients and have a positive impact on more people’s lives by providing them with perfect, healthy smiles.