English Composition I 

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Human Anatomy and Physiology II 

Principles of Chemistry or higher

Introduction to Psychology

Elements of Sociology 

Public Speaking

Dental Hygiene Courses 

DEN 1100- Principles of Dental HygieneCare I

DEN 1112-Oral Anatomy  

DEN 1114-Histology and Embryology 

DEN 1200-Principles of Dental HygieneCare II 

DEN 1217-Periodontics 

DEN 1218-Dental Radiology 

DEN 2300-Principles of Dental HygieneCare III

DEN 2311-Oral Pathology  

DEN 2315-Pharmacology 

DEN 2318-Dental Materials  

DEN 2400-Principles of Dental Hygiene Care IV 

DEN 2413-Introduction to Public Health  

BIO 3302-Microbiology 

BIO 3524-Nutrition