My picture in my cubicle.

Hello everyone!

My name is Seonyeong Ahn. I was born and raised in Korea until the age of thirteen. When I grew up in Korea, I was not used to having regular dental examinations. Thus, I was not aware of the importance of a visit to a dental office for preventive care. Since I was unaware of the importance of such preventive care, I first visited the dental office to relieve pain which was caused by tooth decay. Based on my experience, I realized how crucial it is to keep your oral cavity healthy and clean. This has motivated me to become a dental hygienist who can promote optimal oral health and general health values to people. As a dental hygiene student at NYCCT, I have provided treatment and educated patients about the significance of preventative care, and I am pleased to be a dental hygienist who can help patients to obtain a beautiful smile!

In my ePortfolio, you will find out who I am, my educational attributes, and what I have accomplished at NYCCT.

P.S. I am a pet lover, this princess helped me a lot to cheer up throughout the entire semesters and she deserves fantastic routine oral hygiene care without any charge 🙂