• Greater New York Dental Meeting-Colgate Van: Bright Smiles Bright Futures 2013-Assisted dental hygienist and dentist in screening children’s oral condition. By assisting dental hygienist and dentist in this activity, I had chance to observe how to approach to children and screen their oral cavity. I have learned through this experience what significant signs or symptoms to look for when dealing with children and how to correctly fill out the form.











  • Head Start – Educate children for the importance of oral hygiene care and demonstrate brushing technique.


  • Fluoride Varnish Program-  Screening for early childhood caries and applied fluoride varnish for children in Pre-school at Glenwood Road Family Head Start Brooklyn NY 11210 Phone: 718-859-7720.

Fluoride varnish is a tool that can prevent dental caries. It has been found to be effective in arresting incipient caries in both primary and permanent teeth especially among children at high risk for tooth decay. At this public health course activity, I had amazing opportunity to experience children and community work. We screened kids from 4-6yrs old for any suspicious lesions using tongue depressor and lights or any signs of oral disease, filled out report cards for their parents, and if allowed applied fluoride varnish as a preventive service.