First Marathon ING NYC 2013

A great, tough day on Sunday. Knees still hurting. Great way to see our beautiful and spirited city. Brooklyn was especially beautiful and the spectators were awesome. High fives were the best source of energy, especially when the pain crept into the legs.

Last few miles were all about mental strength, mind over body.

Still trying to muse on whether there is another marathon in my future…


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2 Responses to First Marathon ING NYC 2013

  1. Hi Jason,

    Congratulations, and thanks for posting! I ran NYC once, and agree–it’s a great tour through the city. I also remember being surprised by how much of a difference spectator support really makes.

    I hope the knees are starting to feel better!

  2. Congratulations, Jason! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Any other NYC Marathoners out there want to share their images or experiences?

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