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ENG1101 Project #1

Project #1 Reflectons

My project as a whole was mostly about me and my bio. I wanted to give a lot in that section because we do not all know about each other very well and I really wanted to show who I was. During my time doing this project I learned where in the school is best for me to work, when I do want to work on campus. I was not sure where each lab was and I did not know how quiet or loud it was going to be when I arrived there. Although in the end the best place for me was the library which I only stumbled upon because I went up the stairs the opposite way I usually do. After finishing this project I think the thing that I am most proud of would be that I believe that I have completed all of what is required and I feel confident about it. On the other hand what I believe needs the most work after project one is trying to remeber to write everything in the post instead of on word or google documents, and to fix my grammar mistakes before they happen or before I publish it on to my website. Now, during the process of this project I believe the most heplful was the feact that each requirement was listed and we just chose where each one would go in the essay. Whether we wanted a paragraph for each category, or two catergories in one paragraph it made it easier to accomplish. As of now although I did not have much additional support I am not sure what additional support I might have wanted or needed. Lastly I wrote this project all in one condensed hour an fifteen minutes. My time management has never been the best but I do still feel confident in what I have wrote and as for next time I may start earlier I may not, but in all I beleive this project was a good experience in different ways.

Introducing Yourself

Richard Rice

Eng-1101 Outline

A. Bio

a. Slightly re-introduce myself

b. What I’m passionate about

1. I love to accomplish goals I set for myself

2. I like to strive for future goals I have

3. Where my determination comes from

c. Design Aesthetic or what I see in art and design

1. I really like design

2. I think it’s a great way to get artists feelings out

d. In 5 to 10 years

1. I feel I should at least be working…

2. I could be in school if I go for a higher degree

B. Consideration of Avatar

a. I want it to represent me

b. Represent me in more  than just art

C. How it can be interpreted in a different way

a. What they could think based on my multiple pictures

D. What my profile conveys and why it matters

a. I would like for my profile to convey  as a learning and progressing student

b. I believe it matters because…