Still preparing for the final exam

This will serve as the basis for our work in the first half of Thursday’s Wednesday class:

Instructions for the final exam:

  1. identify the title of the text, the author, the speaker/thinker/subject of the passage
  2. Then, in one paragraph, interpret and analyze the passage, calling attention to specific details and words in the passage.
  3. in another paragraph, apply your analysis of the passage to the argument the text as a whole is making.
  4. in another paragraph, compare how a moment/scene/event in another text deals with a similar issue or theme you identified in the argument. Be as specific as possible, including details and paraphrasing that moment since you cannot provide the passage itself.


  • How many passages will appear on the exam?
  • How many passages will you have to choose and write about?
  • How many different texts must you cover in total (identified and compared to)?
  • For comparisons, how many from the first half of the class, and how many post-midterm?

One thought on “Still preparing for the final exam

  1. Linh Ngo

    Hi professor I have a question :
    So what we do on the finals is you will give us quotes , and we have to answer thoes question from the instruction using the quote .
    What story should we be going over to prepare for this ?
    And are the quotes chosen from what we did in class ?
    Also what can we bring to the final exam .


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