“The Yellow Wall-Paper” and more

"Either the Wallpaper Goes or I Do" 3-panel comic strip


Think about narrator reliability, about who the reader is (implied reader, ideal reader, narrate) (read about these terms in a comment on this post)

Power dynamics:

“Cottagette”: man and woman, where he isn’t in control of her, wants her to be who she is rather than expecting something from her; This is the case for Malda and Ford, but not for everyone

Striking sense of equality that Ford brings into the story

“The Yellow Wall-Paper”: man in control of the woman

John treats her as…through his actions he laughs at her, tells her she isn’t sick, how he regulates her treatment based on not believing she’s sick.

Narrator writing to rebel; to keep sane


Time that they’re living in: turn of the 20th century, late 1800s: context


who is the woman in the wallpaper? what is the relationship between the woman and the narrator


john always controls her



YW-P harder to understand: patterns,


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