The Wicked Stepmother

When reading “ The Wicked Stepmother,” I came across a lot of unfamiliar aspects in the story. Usually any regular Cinderella story would have a girl that just lives with her father because her mother has passed and the father usually gets married to the stepmother who is usually wicked. The the father passes and leaves the daughter with the stepmother and Wicked step sisters. The daughter basically is being mistreated the whole time growing up until she finds happiness. This Indian version is completely different from what I know and grew up watching. In the story the mother and father make a promise to each other to never each without being in each other presence. If this prom is was broken then the mother would turn into a goat and the father would turn into a tiger. The mother one day was feeding her child and took a little taste of the food and she turned into a goat. When the dad returned home he came to the realization that she had broke her promise. Something that was different compared to any other Cinderella story is that the mother was actually there in the story. After the incident eventually the father remarried which wasn’t a surprised. The children weren’t being fed as they were suppose to so they went to their mother, the goat, to get food and the stepmother wondered why they were getting so strong when they were barley fed. This was familiar because usually the stepmother mistreats the fathers child. Eventually the stepmother finds out the children’s were getting fed by the mother so she ordered the husband to bring her some goat meat and he didn’t have enough money to buy a goat so he had to kill his wife which was the goat in the backyard. Towards the end of the story one of the siblings ends up marrying a king so the story has a happy ending which is usually how Cinderella story ends.

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