Roboqueen is a multidisciplinary project based in the Computer Engineering Technology department under the supervision of Professor F. Zia. It is a robotic mannequin that can move it’s head and arms and it can speak. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to software services running in the cloud via WiFi. It is being developed as a research platform for applications in several areas such as:

  • Interactive mannequin to be used in social robotics research projects
  • Display model for e-textiles, wearable technology and fashion technology
  • Cloud and mobile device application programming
  • 3D physical modeling and design
  • Computer controlled system design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Wireless networking

The faculty and students currently contributing towards this project are:

  • Professor F. Zia (CET) (project management, mechanical design, electrical design, computer controlled system design)
  • Professor D. Sim (CET) (3D modeling and design, mechanical design, digital fabrication and laser cutting)
  • Professor A. Leonhardt (ARCH) (digital fabrication, social robotics)
  • Professor A. Zhang (MET) (mechanical design, body frame fabrication, technical adviser)
  • ———————————
  • Aryuna Dashidorzhina (CET) (electrical design, embedded system design, programming, web site development, photos and videos)
  • Rumana Hassin Syed (CET) (electrical design, embedded system design, programming, mathematical modeling and simulation)
  • Joselin Campoverde (CET) (electrical design, embedded system design, programming, mathematical modeling and simulation)
  • Farjana Ferdousy (CET) (project support) (speech synthesis and recognition)
  • Samiha Riham (CET) (speech synthesis and recognition)
  • Jennifer Solomon (CET) (speech synthesis and recognition)
  • Fatime Zahra Elfatimi (CST) (speech and vision programming)
  • Felicia Jeter (CST) (speech and vision programming)
  • Mellissa Valle (CET) (project support)

We are looking for participation from additional faculty and students from CET department as well as other departments at City Tech. Please contact Professor F. Zia by email (