Introduction Draft – For Poster

Sound has always been an interest of mine. Being apart of the Entertainment Technology Department of New York City College of Technology, I got to learn about all aspects of live entertainment.  Finishing up my sound section of the Entertainment Techonology curriculum i had became deeply  interested in sound design. I like to use sound as a tool to take audience members from their seat and to a new place, experiencing the sound from all around them. With Video being another great interest of mine, i planned to combine both sound and video into my culmination  project, which is taking Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction walk through video and totally redesigning the practical and creative sounds. Because it is video footage of a live attraction, the project is a hybrid between sound for film, and sound for live entertainment.

The sound design process consists of me taking royalty free sounds from, and layering and manipulating them in Ableton Live. After the design process is concluded i will insert the sounds into Cue Lab, and which they will be launched according to the walk through attraction in the video. The sounds will also be mixed in surround sound to expand on the creativity and experience of the project.