Culmination Journal 6 – Lab Experience 2

I am just about done with the surround sound portion of the project. Though i worked in the Lab for 3 days, my presentation is not until May 15. I will go to room V318 at least one more time to over look the QLab session. Working in QLab, I came across some problems. Making the stereo video portion of the project in Ableton Live was much easier than the surround sound QLab portion of the project – In terms of matching the audio to the video at the right time. This has to do with the layout and flexibility of the programs. Also, QLab is a cue launching software, so when you trigger a cue, it is played milliseconds after. These milliseconds of delay add up, and the audio gets more and more offset from the video over time. I had to figure out a way to match up the audio to the video in QLab while taking the delays into account. This is why my project is a hybrid between sound for a live attraction and sound for a movie, because the movie was acting as the people triggering the cues for a live attraction.