After a semester of work, I finally completed my culmination project. This includes the stereo sound design for the walk through video of Disney’s Haunted Mansion live attraction, which was made for the poster session. My culmination project also includes a QLab session consisting of functional cues for Disney’s Haunted Mansion which can be played in surround sound. I calculated a theoretical budget for the project of just below $20,000. There is no definite budget, because there are endless possibilities for which equipment to use, and how much you can pay for it. Any equipment that I did not own, I borrowed from the school. The last deliverable for the project is a schedule I documented on a weekly basis over the course of the semester.

Working on this project, I challenged myself by working with surround sound on much larger scale than I ever had. The video footage was about eight minutes long, and my sound design consisted of around 200 sounds. This experience taught me to take problems and delays into account when scheduling a project. Aside from time management, this project expanded my horizons to utilizing surround sound in live production and in post-production. Though I am still relatively new at sound design for video, this project has enough content to validate my resume. This project will be great for my resume and will benefit my future.