To prevent the dissemination of misinformation and fake news, proper policy measures must be taken. There are various approaches for example right-Click Authenticate, Facebook policy to stop misinformation, and gamification can be used, but insightful decision making is required in this regard for effective application of these approaches. Facebook must introduce a section, where verified and unpolarized news is provided to keep people informed with authentic information. Facebook can keep the record of the sources of information, and the sources with constant credible news would be added to the verified news section. The right-click authenticate approach has limitations as it does not provide people with instant access to verified news. Each news has to be processed to gauge its authenticity. Improvements can be brought in this approach by introducing a section of verified news sources. There should be a proper system of regulation through which the sources sharing fake news can be tagged or banned temporarily. Although, the internet companies need to implement appropriate policies to stop disseminating fake news, but the people should also contribute to this regard. People must remain vigilant and must not share fake news, as it is the ordinary people who mainly spread misinformation. The proposed measures must be considered in the process of policy making to stop the propagation of misinformation and fake news.