Grace Farms

  • This design that followed a river like form consisted of 5 separate glass spaces. Each space meant for a different purpose and all providing incredible views of nature around it. Although the design is breath taking , the purpose of the organization is even stronger. The wood used for the ceiling plays an important role in the aesthetics of the structure. The overall feel of the environment created is really beautiful.


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Manitoga- Russell Wright

  • This home was designed to be one within nature and it has been blended so well to do just that. There is a designated path that you had pushed in a way straight in to follow. Each space is arranged so that there is a particular function and view to go with it. Amazingly enough Russell Wright was not an architect yet he built this home that took him 30 years to create.


Kykuit – The Rockefellers

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Zaha hadid building by the High Line

  • This building even before being finished is amazing to look at because of the many curves used in the design.


Museum in San Francisco


Home in St. Petersburg


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  • Today I got to be a part of watching the window test taking place at a site. It was 5 gallons of water that was used to test the windows. The test lasted 15 minutes. It was to see if there were any leaks that needed to be fixed. In this case there was a leak in one of the three window panels due to the corking. This meant that the test had to be taken again.