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Diagrams for Concept Model _ 1




Diagrams for Concept Model _ 2

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Concept Models

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Assignment Q


Assignment P


The design stands out to me because it is clean and luminous. The use of the color white gives this space light and a modern look. The layout is simple yet productive.There is a lot of space for book shelves. The columns are slender and then round at the top making the ceiling tall. The design of the columns reminds me of the columns Frank Lloyd Wright designed because they look like lily pads.Most important this space is special because of the different stations there are and the stairs look like a main focus. This space is special for various reasons and I am certain I would enjoy it.


By first glance what stands out to me is the high ceilings, the design at the top that brings in light and the whole wall filled with book shelves. The escalators are normally found in book stores so why not put it in a library. The contrast of the white and book from the bookshelves is an idea that I would use for my design. There is even a tree inside this space that gives me the idea of creating a space that is controlled inside the library where people can feel as if they are outside , relax and read a book. However, I would add ladders to the book shelves so that book can be reached. I would like to add classical elements with modern ones to my library design.


I enjoy looking at this image because it has many classical elements. This design grabs my attention because even the ceilings have ornaments. The bookshelves look strong and the layout of the space is functional. The stands in the middle with books are an antique symbol. Once again the tall ceilings are important, specially in a library design. Another important part of the library is being able to reach books, that should be taken into consideration. The color way is white as well as the other two images I chose, I feel this color makes the space elegant and grand. The light fixtures that hang are a nice addition for a space with high ceilings because there is enough space to add it.



The cafe is located on the left side of the lobby. It has 2 floor to ceiling windows for light to infiltrate through. There is seating added so that people can come into the space and enjoy their coffee, hot chocolate or tea. The color way will be white and lighting fixtures hanging from the top.


This space can be seen from the lobby. There are two walls on either side of the entrance into the space to lead the person directly into the space. The reading room will be two floors tall. There will be stairs in the center leading to the top where there will be more book shelves and lounging areas to read. The ceiling will have a skylight to allow for the sun to infiltrate through. There will be long, thin columns with a round part at the top that will be spaced out enough to let the sunlight through. The space will be white. The stairs will be glass and the railing at the top will be glass as well. There will be a desk where people can go ask for help.


The children’s library will be at the ground floor. It will have fun seating and different bookshelves than the adult ones to make the kids want to go into the space. There will be seating for the kids and lots of book for them to read.Desks can also be added for the kids to be able to do research and play educational games. It should be a fun and warm place to be in.


The lobby is the first space people walk into. The main doors will be in the center and right in front will be the main desk so that people do not get lost and can go directly for help and information. There will be two main stairs located on both sides of the space leading to the second floor. It will be a mixture of classical and modern design for libraries.

Assignment O




42 nd and 5th avenue Library Extra Credit:

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Project 2- Final Presentation

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Assignment K

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