Primitive Hut


Tepees were originally a form of shelter created by the Native Americans. They became a source of protection from the changing weather. Tepees were made from 15 foot long peeled wooden limbs from lodge pole pine.Usually the wood would be traded, a horse for 5 wooden poles was usual. The most important part of making a tepee was the first 3 strongest foundation. The first three were the structure that was most important. The rest of the poles would fill in the spaces in between and they would all get tied on the top. The opening flap of the tepees were always positioned facing the east which allowed for the opening to face the sun when it rose. In the summer the tepee was cool due to the coverings being raised up leaving a gap on the bottom enabling cool air to flow throughout the inside of the teepee. In the winter, the tepee was kept warm by adding extra coverings and adding insulation such as grass to keep warmth inside. A fire was created in the center of the tepee and a hole at the top allowed the smoke to escape without letting the warmth escape. The tepee were portable and when the Native Americans were on the move the tepees would get dragged by the horses. It would take 30 minutes for the tepees to get set up properly again. The life span of the tepees were from 2 to 3 years. In June was the time for the buffalo skins to be cut and stitched into one big covering. It would take about 14 to 20 buffalo hides for each covering. The shelters were water resistant due to the animal coverings which were thick enough to with stand any weather. The outside of the tepees were decorated with symbols that had great meanings to the people inside. These tepees were also called dwellings.

Brooklyn Historical Society Building And The Postal Office In Brooklyn

ARCH1130_KG_F15_BHS_sketch_castillo_rosemarie (1)






These Sketches were drawn at Rockefeller Park and they are sketches of the pavilion. It is evident that this structure is a shelter and that the architect had a purpose when creating this pavilion. People use it for different occassions, for example, while at the pavilion a matrimony took place. Perhaps the architect did not intend for the pavilion to be a place for a wedding. Furthermore, the Pavilion has a geometric shape to the structure. It is a cube with four columns that support the roof. There are four sets of sets surrounding the columns each consisting of five steps. The further up the smaller it gets. Below the five steps there are 2 more steps. The roof extends past the stairs. The pavilion is a great structure and in my opinion it was built in a good place. It has a wonderful view and it can serve as different purposes.

Primitive Hut Sketch #1


The American Pioneers were one of the first to settle in the American Frontier. They were the ones who invented this type of home.They are the people who started evolving territories and settling down places undiscovered before. The Pioneers had to dedicate their survival on the skills they developed and survival instincts. These skills included home gardening, seed saving,fire building, fire techniques, home remedies for sickness, metal work, sewing and how to build a shelter off course. All these skills are essential for surviving. During the time period where these homes were being built there was no technology like today. This means that there was no television, cell phones, computers, or heater for those long cold winters. Instead people had to depend oh what nature had to offer so that they could stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Even though the pioneers lived a rough and difficult life style they still managed to come up with ideas that helped them get through the harshness and live on.

Floor Plan Sketch

ARCH1130_KG_floorplan_rosemarie_castillo (1)

I chose to draw this floor plan sketch because it has all the essentials suitable for a family and everything within is properly arranged. It has a garage, laundry room, large living room space, large master with a decent sized bathroom and the layout works well together. It reminds me of a floor plan I drew up in high school on Revitt. If I was to walk through the inside of this floor plan I would be thrilled because the space available would make the space around the inside very soothing. This floor plan is nice and simple and it has its own character. I enjoyed drawing this floor plan because it has the geometric rectangular shape that vary from big to small size.