I wouldn’t really say I did anything fun thing this summer because of Covid -19 messing up all my plans in the beginning. But I made the most of it with the time and space I had left. I hung around with my friends, either we were playing ball or making new unforgettable memories together. I was also working so was outside a lot. Other days I will just drive around the city going on my little adventure exploring parts of New York that I’ve never been before.

If I had to pick one of the stories we have read so far, it’s going to be “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe. Being that I have read that story many times and I still get surprised by the plot twist in it. The narrator was a mad man who told the story in the perspective of a normal person and an innocent soul. The story was very Gothic, including the symbols, the narrator’s actions and his anger that he couldn’t control. There was a lot of lessons that I learned in that story. And the story and actions of cruelty by the narrator was very detailed. First we get the sight of this calm man who loves his animals and wife and treat them with respect and then it takes a turn where we get introduced to the narrator’s dark side where he kills his cat because he started to get drunk every night  and his behavior around the house made everyone and everything start to distance themselves from him. His guilt was what caused him to do the unthinkable and he just wakes up and drinks again because he can’t bare the thought of what he did. His devious actions brought about his downfall when he ended killing his wife accidentally trying to hurt his new found and the Cops showing up at his door. I enjoyed the story and I hope to read more detailed Gothic stories like this this semester.