1–Final Exam is in-class on Thursday, May 19–via BBD

2–Final Essay is due by Midnight, May 19–via BBD


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an open-book exam. You may use your notes while taking the exam. You may refer to our texts and films and handouts, too. You may not discuss your exam with others.



Study Guide:


Part 1: Concepts and terms:


5-part reading tool



Exchange concepts: see page 15 in notepad





-to forgive




Linda Cahir’s Translation terms:

Literal translation

Traditional translation

Radical translation




Film Terms: There are 48—lets select the most important 12

–mise en scene



–sound–nd and d

–angle and focus

–shot versus scene





5 types of ethics and empathy






Part 2: Quotation Identification


TOS: Act V


DOTN: Chapter 24, 30, 31



PART 3: short essay

Short Essay Questions will be drawn from key concepts. I will provide two or three questions, and students will select one and write a short essay response. 200-300 words.