About this Course

This course will introduce you to the U.S. health care field and rewarding careers that may be of interest to you. Throughout the semester, you will learn concepts associated with the health care system as well as be exposed to different health-related careers. 

As the world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the health care sector has undergone significant transformation in order to respond to patients’ needs. The expanded use of telemedicine is just one example of how the field needed to adapt to a changing world.

You will learn by attending real-time (synchronous) lectures, hearing from guest speakers, visiting clinical sites (virtually), writing personal reflections, and completing online assignments. As you learn about various topics, COVID-19 examples will be used to help you better understand its impact on the health care field. Carefully review the course syllabus that is posted on Blackboard for more information about the class. 


When to Use Open Lab, Blackboard, and Zoom

1.  Asynchronous (self-directed) learning through Open Lab

The format of this course includes 60 minutes of asynchronous activities, whereby students engage in self-directed learning each week. You will find these activities under this website’s “Readings and Assignments” tab. Concepts covered through asynchronous activities will be included in written assignments and the final exam. Therefore, it is important that you devote adequate time to learning about these areas.

2. Synchronous (real-time) lectures through Blackboard or Zoom

Blackboard or Zoom will be used to participate in 90 minutes of synchronous (real-time) lectures. You will find the PowerPoints for each lecture posted on Blackboard, which is also used to submit all assignments including personal reflections, papers, and exams. 


Introduction to Health Care

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