Reflection 2

In the story Drown by Junot Diaz, the author reveal Yunior’s relationships with others. The absence of his father during childhood made Yunior more dependent on his mother, It can be said that Yunior’s mother is the center of his world. Compared with Yunior’s brother Rafa and father, the mother is more like Yunior’s haven, a supporter protecting Yunior at all the time.
Yunior has a strange relationship with his father the complex source of resentment, who was absent from Yunior when he was young and then betrayed Yunior’s mother with his mistress, Yunior is upset with his father’s unreliability and infidelity. Even if the family reunited in the United States, they still looked like strangers. It’s as if Yunior’s father never cared about Yunior.
In”Ysrael” Yunior and his brother Rafa are living in the Dominican Republic. Their father has abandoned them their mother sent them to a relative’s house because she wanted to work in a chocolate factory. We know that Yunior’s brother Rafa has the same character as his father when Yunior and his brother Rafa got on the bus, an old man sitting next to Yunior started grope Yunior on the grounds of helping to clean up the stains on Junior pants. Yunio started to cry after pushing the man away and getting out of the car. His brother Rafa didn’t go to comfort Yunio but yelled at him because Yunior and his mother lived together for many years, Yunior’s personality is more docile, So Rafa has the dominance when dealing with Yunior. Yunior was not very violent at this time, but unknowingly, as he grew up, the mother and Yunior relationship change, Yunior began to look up to his brother Rafa and his father. Yunior thinks his father and brother Rafa are a role model, unlike a supporter like mother.
Later in the story, Yunior became a high school drug dealer, but Yunior did not want his mother to know that he was selling drugs. Yunior was afraid that any customer would go to him and buy drugs for him in front of his mother. Remember a recruiter who wanted to offer a real career to Yunior. Yunior rejected his offer. I think it’s because Yunior chose to keep the current lifestyle. Yunior is afraid to make changes, He rather prefers to take the shortcut to makes money such as selling drugs. Or because of his mother, Yunior doesn’t want to leave his mother alone. Therefore, Yunior chose to stay with his mother