Reflection #3 1619

Reflection #3

In the article “The 1619 Project” by Nikole Hannah Jones talks about African American people how they are being mistreated, never had the freedom they want including having equality. It was definitely important to learn about slavery and the history of the U.S. In the article, she talks about how African Americans deserve equality because of how they transformed the United States most attracted spots. In the years being they never got the credit that a white man would have gotten for making such attractive spots. Hannah basically is trying to tell us that African Americans should get the respect they needed and how they should be treated equally. 100 years ago, African Americans were facing the problem or segregation and slavery that was still going on. Even in today’s society racism is still going on but not so much slavery exactly.  For example, people today still use some termnology from slavery to speak to other people in an aggressive way or just to speak generally. Some people may take it in offense and some people may not but everywhere you turn to racism is still going on and you may not even know it.  In addition, now African Americans are getting the respect they want/needed based on what they do or did. Slowly, as the years go by African Americans are slowly on the rise of trying to become equally forever. However, as Hannah Jones heard some of her family’s stories she tells us the treatment African Americans go through every day. In her perspective she believes that African American built the way for America meaning that they created a true meaning to equality and freedom during the time of slavery even though the white men took control of it all.

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