Reflection 4: Wilentz

In the book called “American Slavery-and-‘the Relentless Unforeseen'” by Sean Wilentz it talks about how slavery was inevitable because of the moral Revolution that happened in the late 1740s and early 1750s.  During the moral Revolution they were really concerned that their society should be able to have full power. That was the beginning of slavery. Ever since then not only African Americans but also Hispanics became were treated really poorly and were abused by white Americans. He also talks about how there were many people who were against slavery and  for slavery, it caused a huge fight. The main difference between Hannah Jones story and Wilentz is that Hannah Jones wrote about what African Americans went through when they were mistreated and how they deserve equality like everyone else. Wilentz wrote about what led to slavery and talks about the history of it. What i think Sean Wilentz meant by ” Relentless Unforeseen ” was that people before never thought they would become slaves for people who think they are powerful. They never thought they would receive this hate and abuse. I think Hannah Jones agree with this because African Americans deserved better, they were never supposed to be treated like that. They deserved the same equality like everyone else. When we look back at those tragic events it makes me upset because of the way they were discriminated just because of the color of their skin. Those people who experienced it were scared that they would get lynched, beaten up on the streets, etc. They would be very upset because they didn’t get to have the freedom they wanted, if they did something wrong by accident or just look at a white women they would get killed or beaten up.

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