Hannah Jones believes the leading role of an African American in the U.S is to achieve a goal of freedom and equality. I conclude this is true and it’s still a goal now, not just for African Americans. You will think in 2020 we are more structured and modernized, but some people are still ignorant. Previous it was worse than it is now but now African Americans have so many stereotypes that they all label as a thug, nothing has changed. They are still being killed, for example, there have been a lot of cases where police officers have killed unarmed African American because they thought they were a thug and were scared. No matter what we do it will always be the same because this country needs to blame someone or look down on people. This country might not have started slavery as it quoted in “After All, Didn’t America Invent Slavery” illustrated by Tom Lindsay but they continued it. Immigration is a big topic; immigrants are starting to become a bigger target to the U.S since Trump became president. These past years awakened me. I couldn’t grasp how close-minded people are. They were waiting for someone to give them the free pass to be able to attack people by telling them to go back to their country. People always need someone to blame for their behavior. In some way, it wasn’t Trump’s fault for people being racist because they were always there. Trump showed us, people, true colors. I find this topic so important to me because my whole family is affected by this. Seeing a family being torn apart, it doesn’t matter if it is not my own family, but I feel like it is. For families being torn apart will not benefit anyone in anyway only in a negative way. There will be tons of families being torn apart because of their color and what they believe in. This concept has a big effect on families all over the world. Nobody should be affected just because on their skin color and religion. There should a be a valid reason for taking families in.

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