Wilentz -Word Reflection #4

In Ā “American Slavery and ā€˜theĀ Relentless Unforeseenā€™” Sean Wilentz, the author of this piece write about how the abolishment of slavery was meant to happen one way or another. Wilentz states that the Abolishment of slavery was ā€œInevitableā€ because of a Ā “moral revolution” that Ā began to take place in western culture inĀ the late 1740s and early 1750s. There was this surging growth in the highly educated about learning Ā and about discovering laws and principles that would enable human society to be something more than this hungry self desire for power. This new view point making slavery be seen as an offense against the enslaved human rights. For the first time putting those that were involved in any part of the slavery process, Ā were being made accountable for their actions. With these new opinions forming on the topic of enslavement, Ā there was no surprise that the push to abolish slavery came soon after as well.Ā The ‘relentless unforeseen’ as talked about by Wilentz, in my opinion is the un predictable need that came when slavery was created. There was always going to be this unforeseen fight for the human right of the wrongfully enslaved, whether it was the enslaved or those who were just in small way doubted the ethics of slavery it self. I personally agree with Wilentz that slavey would have been abolished at some point in history if it had not of already happened. I say this because part of there reason that enslavement was need it was the free labor need for the plantation and the pursuit of money, but with the industrial revolution and the new modern era that they were going into, plantation work was becoming obsolete almost. Every thing was becoming modernize including education and technology so at some point having all these enslaved people on a farm would become a “waste” of money because you would not be making as much money as someone who has began working a job or creating a company in the industrial revolution.

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