General comments on your Hannah-Jones posts

I read most of your reflections.  You have a view of Hannah-Jones’ main point.

Before you write your next post, by Wednesday, around class time–it’s ok if it’s later that day– please take the time to read some of your classmates’ reflections.

Of course, you may agree or disagree and you can discuss that, politely, please.  But more importantly, as you’re reading the other students’ blog posts, ask yourself, what makes a more effective post?

This “genre” of writing is now very common, electronic web display, and I think we can focus on how to improve our writing on a website, blog, email, etc.

The first thing we notice, is that if you break up your post by skipping a line, the reader can follow your sequence and flow of thoughts better.  Look closely at how other writers do this, and try it yourself.

Perhaps it’s best to think about the visual display of the written text.  Spacing.  Graphics.  Use your visual sense to get your point across.

Next, how can you bring to the front, shine light on, or simply state your point as affirmatively as possible?

Yes, you may want to qualify it, limit what you want to say, and bring up exceptions, but nevertheless, an effective communication needs to make clear your message.  This can be fun and it is always intellectually stimulating.

It’s not necessary to be offensive, or use vulgar language.

Sometimes however it is necessary to say what you are for, and also say what you are against.  Even if you may change your mind later.

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