Hannah-Jones 1619-Reflection #3

In Hannah-Jones, “1619”,she talks about how her how her African American Father proudly has an American flag in their yard. Hannah-Jones felt as if African American have this need to to do what told of them by the United States no matter if enforced to or not as if they are still somewhat tied to the bonds of slavery. Hannah-Jones doesn’t understand why a person of color would continue to respect and serve a country that has done nothing but repeatedly treat them unjust and unfair.I mean The United Stated of America was built from the foundation and or roots of slavery and what slavery contributed to our history as a nation even if that history is not very positive. Some people might believe that the United States “in its DNA”  is an evil, unjust, racist society. I personally don’t think that the  all people of the United States are evil, unjust, racist in their “DNA”. Though there is still a racism in the world I don’t think racist and evil people  are just born like that but are  instead created through experience and the type of environment that a person is raised in.Their is no denying that there are road blocks that make it harder for a person of color to achieve the so called “American Dream”.  Those road blocks are always going to be there because of the color of their skin and the history that they’re ancestor endured. Hannah-Jones states that until the all opportunity of our founding ideas are open to Black people we can never really say that we a nation of Truth, justice and liberty. The United States when it was first being built was not for the African American people. It was built to serve white man as they try to create this structured way of living of more so this dream.It was not made to benefit anyone else because the thinking if the founding father were of themselves and how it would benefit them in the future of this new nation. And because of these facts I do feel that the United States is unfair. I will always have to prove my self ten times more because of the invisible  restriction placed on people of color. It is because of this that I know I will never truly be able to be accepted by the world no matter what I achieve because of the history of ancestors who were never given a choice to begin with

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