Word Reflection #2 : U.S Constitution

I belong to many different discourse communities for example in social media I’m always on Snap chat, Instagram , and Netflix. The community of Snap chat and Instagram is a place where people can post and be at the same time informed on a daily basis, and in this community everyone has a chance to see and re post it in their own page or snap. The community of Netflix is that everyone can watch any movie or binge watch a new show. Its a place where mostly everyone goes to watch a movie and spend their time on Netflix for the whole afternoon. Another discourse community I’m in is at my workplace, as employees our goal is to make other people feel welcome and to make it a friendly environment so the business could be running smoothly. We all communicate with each other by text messages where we talk about shift changes, ways we could make the place more welcoming,  etc. Also every time someone starts their shift they have to write their names on this booklet so that the manager can see what time we started and ended our shift. Another discourse discourse community would be my religious community. My religion is Christianity, our goal in this community is to have a strong relationship with God. In which we all attend church on Sundays and go to bible study to learn more about God and how we can all be closer to him. Our ways of communication are by prayers , songs , or announcements that invite other people to upcoming events, meetings and activities. By these announcements and prayers it helps us bring other people to come to church and have a relationship with God.

In the book my class reading right now ‘Drown’ by Junot Diaz we tend to have one common discourse communities, for example the discourse  community of family. The discourse community of families is that we are born in it, we didn’t have a choice whether we wanted to be in that family or not. In the book Rafa and Yunior  were just born in the family and they didn’t have a choice just like us. They had the same last name of their father even though they aren’t close to him. With their mom they got more respect and value her more because they grew up with her, and she raised them while their father was in the United States. The way they be communicating would be through a phone or face to face. But with the father they don’t really talk to him but when they do it would be in small sentences. That would be because the father won’t talk to them and he gets easily irritated. Even though I have a better relationship with my parents we share a common discourse community.

Another discourse community I have would be the one about friendships. Our goal in my friendship group would be to create  unforgettable memories, travel to  many different countries or cities and to move in together in the future. Our regular meetings would be at my basement, we all spend the whole afternoon there and talk about how our day went, or gossip we found out during the day, etc. We communicate with each other through snap chat, messages, or phone calls. We talk mix Spanglish because if we forget a word in English we could just say it in Spanish so we don’t complicate things. Some slang words we use would be ” pa fuera” which means take it outside, we use it when someone in our group says something stupid or does something stupid we say “pa fuera”. Another slang word we use is ” alien face” we call any guy that we don’t like an alien face because they be looking like a green alien. We also say lets go get something to eat and we already know what place we are talking about, we all just get ready and head the same direction. That place is a small Ecuadorian restaurant and they make the best morrocho ( Ecuadorian spiced corn pudding drink). To conclude, these are some examples that I am in a discourse community and some I can relate to the book Drown by Junot Diaz. Lastly a discourse community is where a group of people are set to conquer the same goal.

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