Under the Queerantine


Life has entered an interesting phase now for most of us as we self-quarantine within our individual homes and abodes. But, we are not completely disconnected. In an effort to keep those within the community supported. Even more so than we could possibly in a physical space. The Prism Alliance plans to ramp up our commitment to helping students within the community find connection and support. Join and stay engaged, discuss and find support. All privacy is respected. Look for anouncements as online pop-up meetings are introduced. Honker down here and let’s survive this Queerentine together.

The Prism ALliance at CityTech

The Alliance is back for 2020.

Room 432
Library Room 432

Just a reminder the CityTech Prism Alliance for LGBTQIA+ students and their allies is open to to anyone who wants a safe space to convene, converse, and hang out. We are going to be here every Thursday and during regular club hours. No expectations, no pressure. Come by and hang. Talk about anything on your mind. Also we’ll be involved I.