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The Vice-President of the Prism Alliance has been filled

But  a President , Treasurer, and Secretary are needed to meet the minimal requirements of club certification. If you are a member of the LGBTQIA++, GRSM, MOGAI, QUEER or similar community or a strong ally and advocate for those of different orientations and identities.  Please email me at

FALL 2020 9/8/2020 Prism Alliance Starts Recruiting for Club Positions

Effective immeadiately.. The Prism Alliance, CityTech’s premiere inclusivity club (LGBTQSIA+++) is actively seeking people to fill the officer positions. At least four people will be needed . We’re hoping to certify this year and get it off the ground. if you are interest  Please state interests as a direct response to this post or email

Happy Transgender Flag Day (8/19/2020)

Transgender Flag Day on August 19

Happy Transgender Flag Day to all those who fall under the transgender umbrella including Non-Binary and Non-Conforming. Today we celebrate the symbol that spearheaded a public revolution and awakened a social consciousness. Yes today is a thing. Because in 1999 on this day the Transgender flag was created and in 2014 not more than 15 years afterward it was inaugurated into the Smithsonian national museum. Today is the day we all show our colors to demonstrate our pride in being gender indifferent.

Under the Queerantine


Life has entered an interesting phase now for most of us as we self-quarantine within our individual homes and abodes. But, we are not completely disconnected. In an effort to keep those within the community supported. Even more so than we could possibly in a physical space. The Prism Alliance plans to ramp up our commitment to helping students within the community find connection and support. Join and stay engaged, discuss and find support. All privacy is respected. Look for anouncements as online pop-up meetings are introduced. Honker down here and let’s survive this Queerentine together.

The Prism ALliance at CityTech