Abigail Thomas , Senator of Accessibilities, Welcome to New Students

Abigail Thomas , Senator of Accessibilities, Welcome to New Students
So I would like to thank all of you for your support. I will not only be your senator, but also the vocal advocate for starting a new CCSD club at CityTech as well as the President of Citytech’s own Prism Alliance. For new students coming in I would definitely like to welcome you.
Even though we may not have a chance to meet or congregate on campus in Fall of 2020, I love and support all of you and look forward to seeing you among the great alumni of this school.
Everyone coming in who is Disabled, Invisibly Disabled, Differentlyabled, or has identied disabilities should make sure to contact the Center for Student Accessibility in Room L-237. You can contact them by phone (718) 260-5143 or at jcurrie@citytech.cuny.edu. You can also contact me ..here through this page of via OpenLab once you get your student account set-up with the Welcome center.
I would like to stress the importance of getting your new accounts set-up ASAP. Because much of you’re involved life will come through there. From last minute class notices, to special events, to emergency grants, to class cancellations. If you aren’t signed up within the first few weeks before classes you may find yourself falling behind rather quickly.
Again I would so like to welcome you all to CityTech and wish you all long, rewarding, and successful careers.

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