IG Campaign
IG Campaign
Halloween IG Campaign

I feel I’ve done very well, I’ve maintained professionalism despite the lack of it at times in the work environment. I strongly feel I have gone above and beyond with the quality of my work and the process of my work. I always get everything one in a quick and orderly manner, and I am open to critique from both my partner and the senior art director. If anything, I welcome critique because I feel it helps me grow as a designer. I also provide more than just what is expected of me. I think I have presented many different strong works to my senior, but the one that I had the most fun with was the Halloween campaign. I feel I did an excellent job in this project; I did what I set out to do. I also showed my senior more than one approach and concept to this campaign. Given the short period, I was able to present around ten different IG choices. I also feel I showed improvements in this campaign compared to my first.

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