Designing for the Web

How It Works Web

I’ve also recently completed designing a new page for the Website.
The “How it works” page is meant to inform potential downloaders how HungerPass works. This project was given limited times to work on and required me to spend all of my time into designing the initial layout. HungerPass was going for a specific look, much like UberEats. However, I could not present what they wanted. My partner and I agreed, the company attempted to hard to copy a style rather than create their own. In this project, I had decided to show them a new approach to designing a layout alongside the typical layout. After discussing my ideas, they decided to go with my design. I am now working on a video to insert into the website.


IG Campaign
IG Campaign
Halloween IG Campaign

I feel I’ve done very well, I’ve maintained professionalism despite the lack of it at times in the work environment. I strongly feel I have gone above and beyond with the quality of my work and the process of my work. I always get everything one in a quick and orderly manner, and I am open to critique from both my partner and the senior art director. If anything, I welcome critique because I feel it helps me grow as a designer. I also provide more than just what is expected of me. I think I have presented many different strong works to my senior, but the one that I had the most fun with was the Halloween campaign. I feel I did an excellent job in this project; I did what I set out to do. I also showed my senior more than one approach and concept to this campaign. Given the short period, I was able to present around ten different IG choices. I also feel I showed improvements in this campaign compared to my first.


The Prior design.
Our Vision.

In the small team I work with, I often collaborate with my partner in the brainstorming and sketching stages of the work. I usually take leadership on the decisions regarding the designs and the ultimate choices we are going to present to our supervisor. Recently, my partner and I have remained apart to work more efficiently for the projects demanded from us.
I have been working on a Website and motion, while my co-worker has been designing mainly newsletters. We still work on our Social Media Ads and Post together, and brainstorm new fresh ideas
The latest project we have collaborated on was developing an Instagram carousel that features specific restaurants. As I’ve mentioned before our team is very small; only two designers including myself. Since I have worked with my fellow intern in the past, we have a strong understanding of what each of us is capable of accomplishing. When we have a project, my partner and I often seek a space to work together; like a Starbucks.
I find it helps to be physically present when going through the brainstorming stage and sketching. We also meet for revisions, and once a week present our ideas to the senior art designer.
The latest project I feel is going successfully; we wanted to change how HunerPass showcases their restaurants and redesign their post to be cleaner and more minimal. We both wanted to capture the idea “Less is More.” We focused on different type treatments as well.
What hasn’t gone successfully is how the company clings onto an old image and style of design. They ask the design team to create magic yet won’t allow the magic to take the stage.

The Other Job

Aside from design, HungerPass has appointed all of it’s interns to sales positions. What this means is all the interns are in charge of going out and spreading the word about the company. We help inform potential downloaders and bring in new restaurants into the HungerPass circle. We go through training and trials with both the senior director and founder to perfect our pitch. We are encouraged to seek out new restaurants outside of the area and all across the New York state. I personally don’t like to do this, I think as a designer I shouldn’t be pressed to use up my time doing pithces and sales, when the company has so much digital demand. It takes away from my time as both a student and designer.

Working Together Part 2

Due to the small team of designers, working together is both progressive and enjoyable. As a small team, we often agree on the same concepts and ideas and come to an understanding reasonably quickly. I have noticed, however, a tension in the environment when we are presenting our work to an individual who has no design background. When introducing our designs and concepts, I’ve noticed my partner and I continually defending our work and views. While I am open to change and revision, the meeting presented to me often seem brushed off.
Often we leave the meetings with an entirely new concept and design that is not our own due to the immense amount of input given to us during our review.

Designing for Social Media

Halloween IG post

As one of the main designers alongside my partner, I am expected to design most, if not all of the companies assets under the senior marketing/art director. Lately, most of my designs have been around social media. Social media is not something I am new too, but, it is not a skill I have had the opportunity to sharpen. I recently discovered the amount of marketing research goes into the decisions we make as designers. Social media is a different platform and requires extensive time to research the competition. As a Dining app, I’ve spent my time analyzing trending social media post, designs, and overall approach. Even though HungerPass is about food, the design team spends an extensive amount of time looking at companies such as Forever 21, Uber, Chase, Lyft, and other companies not associated with food.
We gather ideas to bring to the table during our weekly meetings to plot out the next IG campaigns based on our research.

Do I work with others?

Journal 5:
During my time at HungerPass, mostly all of my work collaborated with my partner. One of the recent projects I’ve worked on is a series of Creative concepts for a new campaign. Currently, I work closely with my fellow intern and the Senior Designer. Occasionally the CEO would get involved in our work to give a critique. We communicate using Slack and meet up once every week to ensure everyone is on the same page. I feel what makes this arrangement difficult is the remote aspect. Communication is limited, and often times I am working by myself trying to match another designer’s vision. However, I do like the idea of freedom associated with Remotely working. Another successful outcome I feel is involving the CEO allows us to understand the mindset of what exactly it is the company is looking for.
The design team is very small, and we are kept seperate from both the video and the social media team so I have little interaction with them. We do, however, communicate on slack and update each other on our progress.

Thoughts behind Marketing

Research is vital when coming up with concepts for new campaign ideas.I’ve been able to grasp analysis, and how to apply trends to my idea effectively to convey a message to the attended audience. Copywriting is not a skill I learned on the job. However, it is a skill I’ve had the chance to develop. Coming up with new and creative methods to show what HungerPass is about has allowed me to expand on my writing skills. During a meeting with the Art Director and my partner, I decided to pitch an idea to use sharp and witty words in order appeal to the crowd HungerPass desired. I went through many different variations of headlines, copy, I spent hours researching vocabulary and attempting to find the voice that would speak to the target.

IG Ad Options
An Attempt to Reach the Crowd
IG Headline Concepts
Using Witty Humor
IG Ad Option
Using the targets demographic to our advantage.

How is it to work at HungerPass?

Journal 3:
HungerPass to date has no real work environment, interns often work remotely and meet up once a week. When we do meet, the attire is very casual, and we speak informally. Work hours vary, but as an intern, I am expected to complete 10 hours a week. During meetings, we often discuss with the Senior Graphic designer out next assignments and follow up on previous jobs.

What do I do?

Journal 2:
At HungerPass, I am the Graphics/Marketing intern. I am in charge of creating content and designing for both Social media and the Marketing team. My supervisor, Maria Marangiello is the Graphic Designer / Marketing Coordinator. I came across this position through another designer who recommended me for the job, after an in-person interview I waited over the weekend to get offered the internship. During my interview, I was asked about my overall experience in my past internships and to discuss a few of my projects.