The Prior design.
Our Vision.

In the small team I work with, I often collaborate with my partner in the brainstorming and sketching stages of the work. I usually take leadership on the decisions regarding the designs and the ultimate choices we are going to present to our supervisor. Recently, my partner and I have remained apart to work more efficiently for the projects demanded from us.
I have been working on a Website and motion, while my co-worker has been designing mainly newsletters. We still work on our Social Media Ads and Post together, and brainstorm new fresh ideas
The latest project we have collaborated on was developing an Instagram carousel that features specific restaurants. As I’ve mentioned before our team is very small; only two designers including myself. Since I have worked with my fellow intern in the past, we have a strong understanding of what each of us is capable of accomplishing. When we have a project, my partner and I often seek a space to work together; like a Starbucks.
I find it helps to be physically present when going through the brainstorming stage and sketching. We also meet for revisions, and once a week present our ideas to the senior art designer.
The latest project I feel is going successfully; we wanted to change how HunerPass showcases their restaurants and redesign their post to be cleaner and more minimal. We both wanted to capture the idea “Less is More.” We focused on different type treatments as well.
What hasn’t gone successfully is how the company clings onto an old image and style of design. They ask the design team to create magic yet won’t allow the magic to take the stage.

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