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  • Carmelo Perez – Hello, my name is Carmelo Perez. I am a student going for my Bachelors degree in graphic arts and advertising. I have managed to learn as much as possible taking advantage of each subject taught to me. I learned how to do hands on work with the printers along with hands on preparation. The idea for me is to keep learning as much as I can and never stop due to the fact that the industry is always changing. I will be gettting my degree from New York City College of Technology. I am managing to take advantage of the lessons taught to me with each program I have learned along with each experience of hands on work.
  • Christian Perea – Christian is a recent graduate from the Borough of Manhattan Community College with an AAS Degree in Multimedia Programming. That has led him to understand some of the web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and for the interactive things online, Flash and Actionscript 3.0, and a bit of jQuery. In his spare time, he likes to play online games, such as ¬†Allods Online
  • Diana Martinez – Diana is a recent graduate from the Queensborough Community College with an AAS Degree in Computerized Architecture and Industrial Design. She has been recognized for¬†her¬† high academic standards and always belonging to the Dean’s List. In addition, she has been interviewed by newspapers like The New York Times and The Queens Chronicle for her projects.
  • Kevin Valentine – Full-time CUNY student of New York City College of Technology. Kevin is¬†studying¬†under the computer¬†information System major in¬†becoming a¬†programmer. Upon his¬†studies¬†he encountered¬†programming ¬†tools and languages¬†such as java, HTML, SQL Database, and VB to aid him in mastering this¬†career. With time, Kevin began to¬†understand¬†his role while using these skills in the outside world little by little. During his free time, he enjoys his friend’s company and¬†online¬†games like League of¬†Legends.

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