What is digital?

Digital is a data transfer method. But rather using paper to give/receive data it discrete discontinuous values, This follows the basic binary code system and other computer methods. In computing, it is a segment of lines each with 8 digits to make up words or sentences using only ones and zeros.  Click this to learn more about binary!




The reign of Digital

By the year 2000, the digital method of transporting data went in to full swing thanks to the creation of the kindle by amazon. It was the starting point they’ve changes the way millions have read.

As you can see much like any book, the Kindle acts like a reader to read any documents that you download. So instead of stacking all those news papers, books, magazines, poems, and pictures you can just download them in to the kindle. Its like having your personal bookshelf in the pawn of your hand. The kindle also made life easier for people on the go, some more than others thanks to the WiFi feature built in later kindle products. If you needed a essay done on a topic a teacher gave you in the last minute help is just one click away.Beside the Kindle, there are other r digital devices with similar yet different purpose:

  • smart phones
  • tablets
  • Apple I phones
  • ¬†laptops.

Digital Basically made access to resources easier than you were with a magazine. But to the rest of society, its just another option.


The Junk Pile

With every good product their will be some drawbacks. If you don’t think so let me ask you a question. What are used to make these advance machines, where do¬†they¬†come from, and what are they made of? Well, they are made of there.








These small yet VERY suffocated micro chips makes all digital  devices do what they do:

  • Flash drives
  • External hard drives
  • Internal ¬†hard drives
  • motherboards
  • etc

With little programming skills here and there, digital evolution seems limitless. The¬†supplies of the materials ¬†however, is high but can be very¬†costly¬†if the handler¬†don’t¬†know what there doing, in general resources are. The worst ¬†of¬†producing¬†these chips are that they cant be¬†recycled¬†. So once a chip has¬†malfunctioned, break, even a tiny¬†scratch on the chip, its worthless. The problem¬†doesn’t stop¬†there. The energy needed to operate these¬†devices can have a light to heavy effect in the environment and the producers,¬†due¬†to being money¬†hungry, will¬†ignore¬†the damage that they¬†conflicted and continue anyway¬†. Its natural none the less, which is why Digital¬†devices¬†are so expensive to begin with compare to a¬†magazine or news paper.

Digital grew at a alarming rate in becoming one of the main methods in receiving/sending data as well as communicating with different  nations and acquiring new ability to harness ones knowledge. Up to today Devices like the kindle is all a person need. Its his/her personal teacher in life and much more. Just be conscious with the services that they charge you and viruses swarming on the web.

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