With printed documents and digital documents as noted before there are many ways it is good and bad for the environment. It could lead to helping the environment stay stable or to destroying the environment due to gasses or tree cutting. There are companies that try everyday to go greener than less green. The idea is to take your company and push it forward. As stated before the digital service though seen as the main green solution for the environment isn’t exactly that way in reality at least not for every company. Most companies don’t seem to notice that what they consider to be the best methods is possible not the best method. The digital service as stated in the digital section shows where digital printing is going and yes it is impressive and most companies from digital are taking advantage of cleaner solutions to solve the environmental damage issue. But when it comes to it the digital companies that are not taking advantage of it causes a bad name once it hits the top headlines of companies still causing environmental damages. With printing the damages have been looked at and altered to be better though it can still have some flaws they have perfected the art to a point of preserve and conserve what they have.

Within the print industry there is one tree in particular that is still used to save the environment and that’s our good old Christmas tree the evergreens. The tree is particularly used due to its rapid rate of growth and easy method of nurturing. The idea is that using this tree it will sustain the environment and keep it growing while being able to still produce the printed jobs and keep the company growing.

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With this process and idea of the industry it shows that there is a good side to all the criticism. With companies making the move to green the only problem now is that some companies just haven’t made that jump. But the hope of the industry both digital and physical is to one day being able to be known as a clean and environmental friendly industry.

Today most companies have both types of formats to feel safer about their audience due to the amount of people who enjoy their products come from all around hoping to enjoy reading what they want to read in the format they want it in. Most people enjoy the physical side of print for the newspaper portion but there are the younger generations that do not and they prefer to enjoy it mobile or online and that needs to be satisfied in order for a company to keep growing. When a company has both fields they can truly take advantage of growing in this industry. As long as they show that they are doing it green and not killing the environment then they will have a stronger more reliable reputation. Consumers would always be around whether it is with print or digital. The print production might cease for some companies but others would still live on despite the claim of possibly one day not being used.

But in the end the idea is to grow and show they are for this world and not against it most companies are exposed for their carelessness and no company wants that behind them today. They want to all be known as a good company instead of one that is seen by the public of being the worst company around due to the fact they chose to use a tree that is endangered or have oil burning to run their servers in a non efficient way.

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