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The goal of my project is to change the way customer service skills are taught. In my experience it has mostly been delivered through the use of media like Powerpoint slides and videos, but I believe a more effective method of training would be more hands on. Through the use of role play we can place participants in real world scenarios and help them gain experience.  I planned to test this by holding a customer service workshop on campus and guide students through different situations.  However, due to the CUNY schools closing, we were not able to conduct the workshop but the next step would be to conduct it once CUNY opens up again.


The topic that I decided to research apon is discourse communities. Discourse communities are important because they show us a way we communicate within a social group we are a part of. Within that social group we share information and may help members of that group out with any misunderstandings or concerns. The information that was collected was the six characteristics of a discourse community presented to us by the luigist John Swales. With these six characteristics I went over a specific discourse community. I am a part of explaining why it is considered a discourse community. I also interviewed someone about my discourse community. The conclusions found was that my discourse community does meet all six characteristics and is actually represented as a discourse community.


.Security now more than ever is a pressing matter that must always remain a priority for the people. As a society, we must be able to adapt to the ever-changing world and in doing so we will be able to overcome anything. 9/11 was able to bring a security overhaul that been used up until the present day. With thorough research and even a primary resource to give insight on how the country has changed, we must always be willing to accept new security protocols that can benefit the school as well as give students more of a relief when attending school as schools security has become obsolete compared to other venues that cater to large dense populations at a time. 


Remember the Broadway shows, going to see a good play? The theatre hasn’t changed much over the past 2,500 years. Even if we go back 500 years to the late 15th century not much of a change here either. Its time for a change and well over due. Theatre with a plot about the unknown, the future, the unexplained and all on stage, is pure Science Fiction with a stage designed for a live entertainment. This theatre will be fully automated. The experience is to take you where a live stage performance has never been. The cost to build this theatre is far less than what you can imagine. The build time is also unheard of, compared to your traditional theatres. Finally, the experience is far beyond the stretch of your imagination. This theatre will take you away and bring you back. You will have a whole new appreciation for live entertainment. Once again let me introduce to you Science Fiction design for Live Entertainment. 


Gender exists but so does a misunderstanding of Gender Identity versus Gender Expression. It is crucial to note that even though the two might be related, gender identity is very different from gender expression: for example, a female might identify as transgender however act the usual female gender roles because of perception. Perceptions are directly related to the perceived need rather than any external influence. The purpose of this research was to investigate the use of dress and other appearance cues to communicate gender with individuals representing a range of genders.


My ESP (Emerging Scholars Program) research project is using Decision Tree to identify the legislators who behave differently than his or her party with respect to their roll call votes in Office of Clerk U.S. House of Representatives Data Sets of 2019 and 2018. Decision Tree is used to predict the factor or indicator with respect to its class value or behavior. In my project, I was able to use decision tree to the party of legislators’ who based on their votes. The both data were converted in .csv form .xml via python and cleaned via using SAS. After that, RStudio was used to plot the decision tree. At last, it was able to tell that both decision tree has more than 99% accuracy to predict the legislators’ party for both data.

The research topic “How can philosophy help learning English or easier.” In our research, we have piloted a survey targeting new English learners to find out if they believe that philosophy helps in learning English. After around 40 students taken the survey, I analyzed the survey. I find that over 90 percent of the students who learn philosophy believes that it helped them read better in English. Reading is a big part of English and improving student’s reading ability will increase their learning speed in English. Not just that lot of students learned philosophy also believes it helps them solving issues in life, and becoming calmer when facing problems. If philosophy is doing so much for us, we should spend more time on having students learn it. If high schools started to offer philosophy classes more when students get into college their English foundation will be stronger and they will be more successful in their college years.