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Kefin Bryan’s ePortfolio

All of my works

Maria Cabrera’s Internship

Maria Cabrera’s Internship


Andres Nunez’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio of highlights that I have from City Tech.

Max Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

Max Rodriguez is a student at New York City College of Technology and this portfolio was created to showcase his work

Omar Touray’s ePortfolio

Welcome all to my ePortfolio, I will be discussing my skillset, areas of expertise and professional background. Thank you for taking a deep dive into my weblog.

Serena Ngai’s ePortfolio

Serena Ngai’s ePortfolio

Hello! My name is Serena Ngai and I hope to become a successful pastry chef.

Tiffany Chung Ki Tse’s ePortfolio

My pastry experiences

Christian Herrera’s ePortfolio

Christian Herrera’s ePortfolio


Darwin Cruz’s ePortfolio

My name is Darwin Cruz

Nadiyyah Ahmed’s ePortfolio

Major: Emerging Media Of Technology.

James Orozco’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio for Game Design and Media

Ishmael Thompson’s ePortfolio

This my e-portfolio, that’s all. Mind your business.