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Nicholas Vlassis’s ePortfolio

Hi, my name is Nicholas Vlassis I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I have experienced with traditional cartoon and comic art. I started to create illustrations in childhood. I would like to prove to challenge […]

Timothy Benton’s ePortfolio

Timothy Benton’s ePortfolio

BUF4900 ePortfolio

Jenise Roque’s ePortfolio

Jenise Roque’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio.

Simon Lei’s ePortfolio


Rian Dowridge’s ePortfolio

Rian’s Undergraduate Portfolio

Jose Sandoval’s ePortfolio


Erika Maza’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my portfolio !

Cara Schmidt’s ePortfolio

Cara Schmidt’s ePortfolio

This is my internship blog.

Samuel Guzman’s ePortfolio


Sunny Naseem’s ePortfolio

Communication Design Vector and Raster Graphics Photography Digital Media Foundations

Melissa Marana’s ePortfolio

Hello, my name is Melissa! a little about myself is Im a transfer student coming from Brooklyn College to currently a City Tech student. It’s my first semester here and not timid at all. I’m majoring in Com […]

lau ash

I make stuff.