Fall 2016 - Professor Kate Poirier

Project #2 Sample: Ceva’s Theorem

Ceva’s Theorem — Statement:

Let \triangle A B C be a triangle. Let D, E, and F be points on the segments \overline{BC}, \overline{AC} and \overline{AB} respectively. Then the segments \overline{AD}, \overline{BE} and \overline{CF} are concurrent if and only if the product of quotients of the lengths \frac{AF}{FB} \cdot \frac{BD}{DC} \cdot \frac{CE}{EA} is equal to 1.

Link to dynamic worksheet: https://www.geogebra.org/m/s7m8xVDu



  1. Kate Poirier

    Note: There are a few different versions of Ceva’s theorem. For simplicity for this exercise, I chose one of the easier ones, but you can read about the others in Venema Chapter 8!

  2. Kate Poirier

    Note: This dynamic worksheet is one I created myself; it’s different from our previous sample (which was also about Ceva’s theorem).

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