Recall our sample GeoGebra dynamic worksheet on Ceva’s Theorem. When you open the worksheet, it automatically takes you to slide 25/25 in the slideshow, but you can jump to slide 1 and scroll through them one by one. What you’re seeing is actually the construction of a single dynamic worksheet, one object at a time. (In this case, I think it is extremely helpful to see the dynamic worksheet built up like this, rather than just seeing the end result.)

If you’d like to add this feature to your own dynamic worksheet, all you have to do is turn on the Navigation Bar for Construction Steps.

In the desktop app:

  1. Click on the View menu
  2. Select Layout
  3. Select Preferences – Graphics from the top of the window (the icon is the overlapping green circle and blue triangle)
  4. Under Navigation Bar for Construction Steps, select Show (you can include the play button too if you’d like to automate the slideshow)

Then, when you upload your GeoGebra applet to the online GeoGeobra worksheet that you’re constructing, the navigation bar will appear as it does in the Ceva sample linked above.

I hope this helps with your GeoGebra projects. I can’t wait to see them!