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Benjamin Lin final review

Describe in words how the binary search algorithm works and give a example how it works. Use pseudo code to describe an algorithm for finding the largest and second largest element in a list Build a binary search tree for … Continue reading

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Section 11.5 question 1,2,3,6,7

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Test #1 Review – [Benjamin Lin] section 3.1 #20

Code: Find max and min (a1,a2… max = min = ai i = 2 from ( i to n) if ai < min min = ai if ai> max max = ai return min, max

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Introducing Benjamin Lin

Your major- computer science How you got interested in math/computer science-Magic….To be honest I just somehow end up here. What you hope to do after you graduate from CityTech; short-term goals, long-term goals, whatever… -I am still lost in the … Continue reading

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