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  1. Benjamin Lin says:

    if ai is even then ai>=m??
    I don’t understand that line. Why did you put condition with another condition, after the then statement, there should be a assignment statement (“=”).
    it should be
    if ai is even
    if p = 0
    m = ai
    p = i
    else if ai>m
    m = ai
    p = i

  2. Benjamin Lin says:

    Sorry, I don’t know how to delete the repeat comment and for some reason it post 3 times.

  3. Kate Poirier says:

    I think Benjamin is onto something here; the “if/then” statement is confused here. Probably you wanted something more like, “if a_i is even and a_i \geq m, then…” It looks like you’ve also used “P” and “m” to stand for the same thing, so it’s hard to tell what this algorithm would actually return.

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